Frequently Asked Questions from Parents and the Community


  • Can I get a Spanish version of the registration form?

Yes. Please contact Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy at 888-565-0177 or info@ferstfoundation.org.


  • How long does it take to get my child registered? When can I expect the first book?

Registrations are entered each month before the next month’s mailing list is pulled. However, that list is be processed and mailed a month later. Books go in the mail the middle of each month. Since they are classified bulk mail, the post office can take as much as two weeks to deliver them to you.


  • Does my child have to live in this county?

Ferst Foundation programs are organized by county, so a child must register in the county where he/she lives. Call Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy toll free at 888-565-0177 or visit www.ferstfoundation.org to register in a participating county.


  • Can the books come to me instead of my grandchild(ren)?

No, the books are addressed to the child and mailed to the child’s home address each month. This allows the child to experience the excitement of receiving his own book in the mail!


  • What if my child is not a newborn?

A child can register for the program at any age before their fifth bi