Our Mission:

Ferst Readers of Carroll County provides parents and caregivers with tools and age-appropriate books for children ages birth to five to encourage early learning development.

Our Vision:

The Vision of Ferst Readers of Carroll County is based on the principle that early learning in language nutrition and literacy prepares children for school. Early reading experiences enhance children’s chances of becoming successful students.

Our vision is a county where all children have an abundance of books and quality resources. Parents and caregivers are fully engaged in their children’s learning, encourage education as a way of life, and read to their children from birth. These children develop the learning skills needed to do well in school and in life and to become productive members of society.

Our vision is a community engaged in education, supporting the programs that help develop our children for learning and for life from birth to adulthood and beyond. Ours is a community excited about learning at all age levels and ready to teach others to understand the importance of early childhood learning and development as the key to life-long learning and success. We believe that a child who reads, succeeds!

“Read Ferst” is a subscription program for children who do not live in a participating community. Parents, Grandparents, even friends can register and sign up a child and pay $45 per year or pay in full for the number of years to the child’s fifth birthday. The child will get a book every month just as in our participating communities. If the subscription is set up for one year, a reminder to renew will come by email at the appropriate time. For more information, click here.